Still stuck with a crappy internet, but I did get some time and bandwidth to complete one important feature that was very much needed – Editing an entry.Previously all entries were insert only, no edits were possible. I thought there shouldn’t be a way to edit the history (or the future) for that matter. So I went with an insert only design. But within 2 days of using the software, I found editing entries is very much needed.The code to allow editing is easy to implement and all you have to do is, pass ?edit=true as GET params to a page and you will be shown the edit screen.

I think I might restrict edits to only today’s entries instead of being able to edit any arbitrary day’s entries. But that is for a future release.

But for milestone v0.2, I would have to probably remove couple of issues and mark the milestone as complete. Next week, when I go back to mainland, I will add more features.