New Challenge: Publish one piece of content every day

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It’s time for a new challenge. If you have read my previous blog posts, you would’ve known that I do like to take up new challenges like “only cold showers” or “speaking to at least one stranger every day“, etc. I have also taken multiple unpublicised challenges like publish one blog posts every day or …

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12 Everyday Challenges to do on each month of an year

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I am a fan of James Altucher‘s writing and he is one big proponent of the practice of “writing 10 ideas everyday”. He claims that coming up with ideas is like exercising a muscle and you need to keep doing it everyday to not let it atrophy. You should read his “Ultimate Guide to becoming …

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Monthly Challenge – Daily Cold Shower

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One of my favourite podcast in recent times is Noah Kagen Presents and I have been devouring each episode back-to-back. One interesting thing that Noah does is a weekly challenge. He or his guests come up with a challenge for the listeners to complete. Some of the challenges are deleting ONE app from your mobile, waking up at 5am, asking for 10% off when you get your coffee, etc. Sounds simple, but very, very hard to do.

I decided to take up such a challenge, except to do it for a month. And the challenge I took up for september is to have only a cold shower everyday. I know it sounds easy, but I love a nice hot shower. I usually have the hottest setting than normal people.

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100 Days of Code Challenge

Update: All the individual day’s posts have been collected into this single post. All previous posts have been removed to reduce clutter on this site.

Few weeks back I was introduced to a coding challenge called #100DaysOfCode. All you have to do is work on some piece of coding project which is not your work project everyday for 100 days. Though I liked the idea I didn’t commit to taking up the challenge. I thought I could start working on a side project or an open source project whenever I wanted to.

But deep down I knew it was not true. Saying “I can work on a side project whenever I want to” is just like me saying to myself “I can lose weight whenever I want to”. It will never get done unless you start it. Remember the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is today.

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