Change is the only constant

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Written By cnu

They say change is the only constant in life. May be that’s why I keep changing my blog host and the software.

Initially, started off on nanoc and then I used Octopress. But I haven’t been posting anything on it. Partly because I use two computers and I didn’t get around to configuring octopress and git as I wanted on both the machines.

This time around, I want to try Ghost, mostly because it runs on a server, so I don’t have to build the blog on my local machine to get it published. And also it is lightweight – markdown FTW!

I feel even this isn’t what I have in mind for the perfect blogging software. And I don’t have the patience to sit and write/maintain my own blog software just to write those 2 or 3 posts a year. So I will stick with Ghost for now.

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