Today I am in a place which makes me feel that my old 28kbps dial-up modem feel like super fast fibre internet. This hotel has so many power cuts, Air Conditioner compressor heating issues, hot spicy food that causes abdominal heating issues, etc. I don’t mind any of those personally, except bad internet. Even hotspot is spotty with just Edge connection. I can’t believe I am paying so much for this shit.

Trying to look at some documentation? Sorry.

Want to access the issue tracker? Fat chance.

Trying to commit and push some code? No way in hell.

Want to debug a live production issue? Why don’t you go back to civilization and try again?

But I did get some work done. I finished the view function to add a user. I also finished views to display a list of all users and details about a single user.

Right now the details are very sparse, but I will be displaying a user’s done/todo/blocking tasks for the past N days in this screen. That will be useful to see how a developer has been working.

But for today, this is all I could complete and push.