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For a long time all my personal stuff were posted on my livejournalblogger or posterousblogs. I always wanted to get my own domain name, but couldn’t get or as they were already registered.

And one day while doing a domain search, I found that was available and is a better choice than the .in ccTLD or .me ccTLD as .name gTLDs are for names and nicknames.

So I bought it and then was trying out various static blog generators like the famous Jekyll & Hyde as well as other lesser known scripts. I then decided on using nanoc though written in Ruby was easy to start off with and extend.

This site and blog will be only for my personal posts and as a list of things I have done. Other generic topics will be posted to Blogial, which will receive a total redesign and relaunch. As for my older posts, they will remain in the other sites till they shut down the service, when I may think about archiving it.

I am still theming the site which is inspired from (but converted into HTML5 and with bigger fonts) and a few parts of the nanoc code for the blog from Am posting this post and hopefully a few more early than the launch so that I don’t end up with a empty site.

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