Day 12: Add a password change page

Thinking of the next important feature that would be asked to make others to use the app is the Password Change screen. Right now, we have 8 users on the app and it was I who set everyone’s password.¬†But soon they would want to change it to something more secure.

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Day 11: Edit an existing entry

Still stuck with a crappy internet, but I did get some time and bandwidth to complete one important feature that was very much needed – Editing an entry.

Previously all entries were insert only, no edits were possible. I thought there shouldn’t be a way to edit the history (or the future) for that matter. So I went with an insert only design. But within 2 days of using the software, I found editing entries is very much needed.

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Day 10: Add and display user details

Today I am in a place which makes me feel that my old 28kbps dial-up modem feel like super fast fibre internet. This hotel has so many power cuts, Air Conditioner compressor heating issues, hot spicy food that causes abdominal heating issues, etc. I don’t mind any of those personally, except bad internet. Even hotspot is spotty with just Edge connection. I can’t believe I am paying so much for this shit.

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