How I listen to podcasts and get the most out of them

I am a regular podcast listener even before the recent upsurge of numerous podcast shows that has cropped up in recent times. This year I have listened to a record number of podcast episodes. I have learned a lot from them and I have also improved the way I listen and take notes. In this … Read more ➟

How to convert Features into Benefits

When writing copy for a product’s homepage, one mistake I see everyone doing is they keep talking about all the features that their product has. I see a lot of websites that keep listing down the different features and how it is better than the competition. I can go to 10 websites and at least … Read more ➟

3 ways your competitors will help you with your copy

In yesterday’s article, I explained 6 different ideas to read your customer’s mind and use the language/words that they use. I missed one important source of your customers – your competitors. Where else can you find new customers, other than your competitors? Your competitor’s websites are an important place to understand about the product you … Read more ➟

How to write copy that reads your customer’s mind

The landing page for your product is the single most important page on your entire website and it is important that you communicate well on that page to connect with your customers. If you don’t speak your customer’s language, they are just going to close the tab and move on to the next page. Worse, … Read more ➟

Fair Billing Policy in SaaS Products

Gone are the days when people used to pay and get software installed on each computer. SaaS has become the standard distribution method for software. Even desktop software (Photoshop, IDEs) have started the subscription route. Let me tell you 3 stories from my own team on how we were paying for SaaS products and I … Read more ➟

Startup Idea: Browser Extension for Gmail to show when a person might reply back

Many companies today uses Google Suite for their Email and everyone has gotten used to the Gmail interface. One advantage of Gmail is, safe and easy programmatic access to the emails via IMAP.

The problem I am trying to solve here is you might not know when a person would respond back when you send an email. You will compose an email, hit send and wait forever. I know that Emails are Asynchronous, but it would be a nice to have an idea of when one can expect a reply.


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How I keep track of blog posts to write

I get ideas and topics to write in my blog during unusual time and places and I wanted to have an easy way to track them. Also I wanted to maintain an editorial calendar which can help track my progress with my November month Challenge of writing one blog post everyday. I just have two … Read more ➟