How NOT to send a bank account statement to the customer

I have a few bank accounts and there is this particular local bank called City Union Bank, that is more than hundred years old.

I received an email from that bank which has a list of different new features that they have added for the benefit of the customers, using latest technology that they could get their hands on – like self service branches, mobile banking using android apps, missed call balance enquiry, and many more.

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Tackle Technical Debt with Time Bombs

Technical Debt is a term that most developers have heard of. Even if you haven’t heard of the term, I am pretty sure you would have done something in your programming career that is a technical debt.

Technical Debt is a metaphor referring to the eventual consequences of poor system design, software architecture or software development within a codebase.

In most cases, it is that quick and dirty hack your manager asked to put in just so that he could deliver it to the client.

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Programmer productivity vs Salary

Disclaimer: Persons/organisations mentioned in this story are based on real-life. Any resemblance to persons/organizations living/dead is intentional. Imagine you run a startup called Super Duper Software Inc and you have a decent dev team. You now need to hire programmers and you see two fresh off the college programmers applying. First programmer (fake named Aakash) who knows nothing more … Read more ➟

Ideas vs Time

The other day I was consolidating all my ideas in my Evernote and I found that I have noted down a lot of projects/ideas for products. Some are so trivial and simple that if I could sit down I will be able to get a prototype or MVP out in a few hours or maximum … Read more ➟

Change is the only constant

They say change is the only constant in life. May be that’s why I keep changing my blog host and the software.

Initially, started off on nanoc and then I used Octopress. But I haven’t been posting anything on it. Partly because I use two computers and I didn’t get around to configuring octopress and git as I wanted on both the machines.

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