You need help with building new applications, improving existing ones, add new features, or review your existing system.

When you hire me, you get the advantage of working with someone who has experience working on different industries and technologies for 13+ years. I have a transparent pricing model so that there are no hidden costs.

Consultation Call


You want a sounding board for your technical brainstorming. You have a technical team who needs guidance and consultation on taking important decisions.

Get on a quick 1-hour zoom call and we can discuss your most pressing issues and brainstorm a few ways to solve them. Many times having an outside set of eyes look at your problems can do wonders.

Architecture Audit / Technical Review


You have your product validated and have users ready to buy. All you have to do is build the product and go to market. But you want peace of mind in knowing that the system you have designed would scale when it faces the real-world.

You need someone who can identify bottlenecks and Single Point of Failures (SPOF) that could crash your system. You also need to make sure your server costs don’t spiral out of control as you add more users. All these can be done with this Audit.

With this detailed Architecture Audit/review, you can be sure that your system can scale with your success.

Minimum Viable

$3,072 +

You have a fantastic product idea that you want to build. You have spoken to a few users and they clearly mentioned that they have this problem. Now you need to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that can test your hypothesis and confirm whether this product can be profitable.

I have built and thrown away multiple MVPs that I can count. Most of them were built in a week or two and it has protected me from wasting time and money from building a full-fledged product.

I will talk with you to understand your product idea and build an MVP in about 1-2 weeks so that you can take it to your users, see how they use it and iterate on it quickly.