60-min Consultation Call

You want a sounding board for your technical brainstorming. You have a technical team who needs guidance and consultation on taking important decisions.

Get on a quick 1-hour zoom call and we can discuss your most pressing issues and brainstorm a few ways to solve them. Many times having an outside set of eyes look at your problems can do wonders.

How it works:

  • You fill in your details in the contact form below, where you will answer a few questions about your product or technical problem. Give as much info as possible, so that I can be prepared for the call and you get the maximum RoI.
  • If I think I can help you with the problem, great news, we can proceed with the call.
  • If I think I can’t help you, I will ask around my network of highly experienced professionals and either introduce them to you or invite them for our call.
  • I will send you a payment link for the call and we will schedule the call once payment is done.
  • We get on the call and discuss the problem and come up with a few solutions that you can try.
  • After a week, I will send you an email asking how the solution worked and if you need any further help.


Each 60-minute call costs $128/hr.

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