How do you pick the right person to build your next product?

So you have this amazing product idea, a solid marketing plan, and even have a few customers who have pre-ordered. But how do you build the product?

You need someone who can work with code and also understand the 30,000 ft overview of the business and why a feature is important.

So what are your options?

You can go talk with a few freelancers. Find who is affordable and try to manage them, having daily calls and coordinating with them. Or you can hire a big agency who manages the entire project but are 3x more expensive as they have to pay for their overhead. Unless you have a technical person leading them, you won’t know the true status of your product.

The third option: I can help you as an independent consultant. You can count on my for the highest technical expertise, flexible and honest that no other agency can provide. I have worked with different sizes and types of clients built products that have scaled to 100s of millions of users that very few agencies/freelancers can claim.

I have been a founder, built my own products, so I know what you need and how to make sure your product is shipped the right way. Whether it’s your first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a mature product.