New Challenge: Publish one piece of content every day

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It’s time for a new challenge. If you have read my previous blog posts, you would’ve known that I do like to take up new challenges like “only cold showers” or “speaking to at least one stranger every day“, etc. I have also taken multiple unpublicised challenges like publish one blog posts every day or …

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12 Everyday Challenges to do on each month of an year

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I am a fan of James Altucher‘s writing and he is one big proponent of the practice of “writing 10 ideas everyday”. He claims that coming up with ideas is like exercising a muscle and you need to keep doing it everyday to not let it atrophy. You should read his “Ultimate Guide to becoming …

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Why I decided to write an article everyday

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In my November month challenge I had mentioned that I will be writing one article every day. Consistently writing one article every week is doable, but one per day is unbelievably hard. One of my friends had mentioned that doing such a challenge will reduce the quality of the posts. I totally agree with him. …

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100 Days of Code Challenge

Update: All the individual day’s posts have been collected into this single post. All previous posts have been removed to reduce clutter on this site.

Few weeks back I was introduced to a coding challenge called #100DaysOfCode. All you have to do is work on some piece of coding project which is not your work project everyday for 100 days. Though I liked the idea I didn’t commit to taking up the challenge. I thought I could start working on a side project or an open source project whenever I wanted to.

But deep down I knew it was not true. Saying “I can work on a side project whenever I want to” is just like me saying to myself “I can lose weight whenever I want to”. It will never get done unless you start it. Remember the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is today.

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