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How do you introduce yourself

Whenever I meet people in conferences or meetups, I experiment with how I introduce myself. Every time I talk about myself and what I do, I make subtle changes and notice what reaction the other person gave. This isn’t something I did in the initial stages of my career. When I started (as a programmer) … Read more ➟

How I listen to podcasts and get the most out of them

I am a regular podcast listener even before the recent upsurge of numerous podcast shows that has cropped up in recent times. This year I have listened to a record number of podcast episodes. I have learned a lot from them and I have also improved the way I listen and take notes. In this … Read more ➟

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How to Make yourself Irreplacable at your Work

In any business organization, there are two types of sub-units or teams.

  • Profit Centers
  • Cost Centers

Profit Center

Profit Center is the team/department which gets the company money and thereby profits. They bring in the dough/bacon. One of the common example of a profit center is the sales department. Unless you have sales, you wouldn’t have customers and thereby no money.

Cost Center

Everything other than a profit center is a Cost center. Any team or department of a company to which various types of direct and indirect costs are charged are cost centers. It could be the Production or service departments in a factory, operations team, IT department, etc.

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