How to stop procrastinating

procrastination scaled - How to stop procrastinating

Pre Script: I began writing this post on April 4th. But procrastinated finishing it and publishing it. I procrastinated writing an article about procrastinating. I know it’s so cliché and meta. I know you’ve all done it. You’re in the middle of your work day trying to finish something, and you get an urge to …

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7 Extensions to install on your new Firefox Quantum browser

firefox quantum

On 14 November, Mozilla released a new version of Firefox called Quantum, which is literally a quantum leap in performance over the previous versions. Mozilla says the new version 57 is twice as fast as the previous version and takes about 30% less memory compared to competitors (cough Chrome cough). They have made a lot …

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How I keep track of blog posts to write

airtable trello zapier wordpress

I get ideas and topics to write in my blog during unusual time and places and I wanted to have an easy way to track them. Also I wanted to maintain an editorial calendar which can help track my progress with my November month Challenge of writing one blog post everyday. I just have two …

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How to form habits using the two day rule

curtis macnewton 12711 - How to form habits using the two day rule

We humans are creatures of habit. We always want to do things which are good for our lives. Many times we are motivated to start running or exercise. But motivation only takes you so far. Only when an action or behaviour becomes a habit, true change occurs. There is a big difference between doing a …

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How to improve productivity and get more things done

todo list

Have you felt proud of yourself because you could multi-task two or more things? As a programmer, I have also tried to do two tasks simultaneously. I naturally had a lot more items in my todo list and I tried to complete them all at once. I felt multitasking was the only way to improve productivity in work.

While my code is building or page is refreshing, I would quickly work on a different project or switch to a different tab on my browser to catch up on Reddit or Twitter. Or try to send an email.

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Tracking your Productivity

Some smart guy once said “What isn’t measured doesn’t get improved.” As I grow older, I seem to understand this a lot.

If you want to fix a piece of code which is slow as hell, first start with measuring how slow it is really running. It is easy to hypothesize that it is slow because it is written in an interpretted language or it leaks memory and the garbage collector doesn’t work properly or various other reasons.

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