Day 15: Last N days and email multiple entries

Since I try to make most of the interaction with the web app through the URL, I wanted to add an easier way to get the last N entries. I added a new view function which displays the last N entries.

The user has to visit /entry/last/N/ to display the N days’ entries. This is in fact quite simple to implement after I have implemented the custom date range filters yesterday. I just calculate the from and to date based on the last N dates and I redirect the user to the right filters.

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Day 1: Daily Standup Meeting Logger

Everyday at work, the first meeting (of the numerous ones) we have is the backend team’s daily standup meeting. This is an important meeting because this is the only time and place where we get to discuss what we would be working on to build/improve the main platform/product of the company.

We also discuss on what pending delivery items are there and what is in each team member’s todo list. There are other standup meetings about what we have for day’s delivery and that doesn’t exactly follow a template of a standup meeting.

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Limiting your CPU and Memory Usage

Yesterday I wrote about how to use a very simple timing context manager to measure how much time your python code/functions take. There might be times when you want to restrict how long your code executes. Python’s resource module in the standard library gives you an easy way to do that and more.

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