Day 16: Email template fixes, deploy, public repo

Yesterday when I added the feature to email users multiple day’s entries, there was one small bug that I missed. The subject like still showed the first entry’s date. I fixed it by making sure that if we are emailing a single day’s entry, it showed one date and if we are emailing more than a day’s entry, it will show the from and to dates.

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Day 15: Last N days and email multiple entries

Since I try to make most of the interaction with the web app through the URL, I wanted to add an easier way to get the last N entries. I added a new view function which displays the last N entries.

The user has to visit /entry/last/N/ to display the N days’ entries. This is in fact quite simple to implement after I have implemented the custom date range filters yesterday. I just calculate the from and to date based on the last N dates and I redirect the user to the right filters.

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Day 13: Refactoring and URL design

Today I spent most of the time refactoring the entry view function. Moving the save functionality into it’s own separate function.

This refactoring is needed because I have to add a way to get all entries that were added between two dates. The entry view function is becoming too big and I definitely need a cleanup for implementing this new feature better.

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