Hallway Usability Testing and why it is important for your Startup

When you design a product, be a website, SaaS Application or a mobile app, usability testing is one important iterative process that needs to be done before shipping the product. Many designers don’t do this and we users end up having to live with bad design cursing the designers.

But first, what is Usability Testing?

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DevOpsDays India 2017 Notes

DevOpsDays is a technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. Topics often include automation, testing, security, and organizational culture.

It is a place where people and companies come together and share their experiences on how they handled different challenges related to DevOps.

This is my first time attending DevOpsDays India conference and I took lot of notes. Here are the digitized version of my notes of the different talks as I have written down/remember them.

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Issue Tracker and Budget

Everyone has numerous reasons NOT to use an issue tracker. Few reasons that the old style management people say are: Excel/Spreadsheet We already use Excel or Google spreadsheets to track the issues. We put individual issues in each row of the excel sheet and the person who is responsible for it. You could try sending out excel sheets through email and ask everyone to update the sheet end of date, but who will handle the conflicts? [Read More]


Few months back there was a lot of activity on twitter and medium about conference proposals and how so many people had to face lot more rejections than acceptances. My experience is totally the opposite.

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