SocialGist: Track & Analyze Social Media Conversations

Designed and Developed the architecture for the product, capable of handling millions of streaming data from various social media websites, including Chinese Social Networks like Sina Weibo, Tencent, RenRen, etc. Once the data is fetched, it is passed through various enrichment processes like Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis after which it is passed …

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Daily Deals and eCommerce Analysis

In Bonobo Analytics, I built this entire product from the ground up. This product fetched daily updates of products sold on Daily Deals sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, etc., and source products from eCommerce websites. Using all this data, it analyzes and recommends best-selling products and deals best suited for that particular region/season. This was a custom …

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Extensible, Distributed, Scalable Crawler

Developed an extensible, distributed, scalable, bandwidth efficient crawler capable of scraping and extracting various entities from review sites, blogs, forums, social networks, etc. This was a time before the Scrapy project was started and Nutch was in it’s infancies.

Tech: Python 2.6, BeautifulSoup, Python MultiProcessing, MemcacheDB, PostgreSQL & Greenplum.

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MontyLingua is a popular Natural Language processing tool which can understand english language and also correct it based on common sense – used by many people around the world for research. It did have a small problem – licensing.

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