VueMail: Realtime Dynamic Image Compositing Service

VueMail is a image service built on top of Platform. This service can dynamically composite images on the fly when an email newsletter is opened. This is used by Ecommerce stores when sending large email newsletter campaigns. One of the client had to send email newsletters to 8+ million subscribers with recommendations based on … Read more ➟

Vue: AI Platform for Automating the Retail domain is an Artificial Intelligence Suite of products and tools which helps automating the Retail domain. The product which started out as a simple recommendation engine widget embedded on ecommerce websites, is now an extensive AI based Software Platform which can automate various parts of a retail – right from the website and marketing channels … Read more ➟

SocialGist: Track & Analyze Social Media Conversations

Designed and Developed the architecture for the product, capable of handling millions of streaming data from various social media websites, including Chinese Social Networks like Sina Weibo, Tencent, RenRen, etc. Once the data is fetched, it is passed through various enrichment processes like Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis after which it is passed … Read more ➟

Daily Deals and eCommerce Analysis

In Bonobo Analytics, I built this entire product from the ground up. This product fetched daily updates of products sold on Daily Deals sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, etc., and source products from eCommerce websites. Using all this data, it analyzes and recommends best-selling products and deals best suited for that particular region/season. This was a custom … Read more ➟

SpotMaze: Private Search Engine for all your Personal Digital Data

SpotMaze v0.1 was built in about 48 hours in the Yahoo Open Hack Day and eventually became the product for the company (Cruns) I founded. The product was a secure and private search engine for all of your Personal Digital Data. Everything from documents on your disk to cloud, photos, videos, social network updates, browsing … Read more ➟

Voice of the Market: Sentiment Analysis Engine

Voice of the Market (VOOM) is a sentiment/opinion analysis product which can analyse how positive/neutral/negative a consumer product. It uses the scraped data fetched from numerous websites like review sites, discussion forums, social media, etc. I built the first version which used a customisable heuristics engine along with a ML classifier. The analysis was done … Read more ➟

KnowledgeMate: Automated Newsletter Creation product

KnowledgeMate was a newsletter creation tool, which used the data fetched from different review sites, forums, social networks, etc., and uses the entities extracted from them and presents in an easy to filter tool. Once the user has created the filters using plain text search queries, the different posts will be directed into different folders/tags … Read more ➟