Real-time log analytics using Probabilistic Data Structures in Redis

There are two ways to solve any problem: Accurately or approximately. Accurate data structures has its disadvantages – too much memory usage and unscalable for real-time nature of data. In this talk I explained how to take advantage of the newly release Redis 4.0 with pluggable modules to build a data pipeline which uses probabilistic data structures to get real-time insights.

Deploying your python backend with (almost) zero cost

Gone are the days when you had to provision and maintain servers full time and pay huge costs for it (even though it is idle 99% of the time). The world is going serverless where someone else takes care of running your code automatically whenever you want.

AWS Lambda is one such service which runs your piece of code when an event occurs – could be an HTTP API call, a message put in a queue or a file put in an S3 bucket.

Build your next python project – Super fast, distributed and infinitely scalable, Using ZeroMQ

All web applications aren’t as simple as following a 20 minute blog tutorial in a web framework. There are lot of components which handle the business logic and they might all not run on the same machine (or even be built using the same programming language).

When you build at web scale, you should look at how to build your system distributed across multiple machines using ZeroMQ. This talk was well received amongst the audience and I come across people mentioning this talk even 4 years later.

Waffle – A schema-less data storage on top of RDBMS

This was Pycon India‘s First edition and was a two day event in IISc Bangalore. Lot of interesting talks and discussions happened in the conference. I proposed about an open source project I was working on – Waffle.

Waffle is an Open Source Python library for storing data in a schema-less, document oriented way using a relational database. This was an Open Source clone of a similar datastore that was used by FriendFeed as mentioned in the CTO Bret Taylor’s Blog.