Architecture Audit / Technical Review

You have your product validated and have users ready to buy. All you have to do is build the product and go to market. But you want peace of mind in knowing that the system you have designed would scale when it faces the real-world.

You need someone who can identify bottlenecks and Single Point of Failures (SPOF) that could crash your system. You also need to make sure your server costs don’t spiral out of control as you add more users. All these can be done with this Audit.

With this detailed Architecture Audit/review, you can be sure that your system can scale with your success.

How it works:

  • You fill in your details in the contact form below, where you will answer a few questions about your product and your tech stack. Give as much info as possible, so that I can understand how I can help you.
  • Discovery Call – 2-3 hours
    • If I think I can help you with the problem, great news, we can proceed with the first discovery call.
    • If I think I can’t help you, I will ask around my network of highly experienced professionals and either introduce them to you or invite them for our first discovery call.
    • I will send you a payment link for 25% of the price and we will schedule the call once that payment is done.
  • Architecture Analysis
    • If during the call, I realise I wouldn’t be able to help you much, I will refund back the amount you’ve paid.
    • If I can help you, I will share a payment link for the remainder 75% of the price and we will begin working on the audit.
    • I analyse all parts of your architecture, do a DB schema audit, code overview and run a few security and load tests.
    • I might even schedule a mid-audit call with your team to clarify any questions I have.
  • Report
    • I generate a detailed report about my analysis and schedule a call with your team.
    • We will go through the report and discuss ways to fix the issues found during the audit.
  • After 2 weeks, we can schedule another call to discuss the status of how the audit results were implemented and we can discuss the next actions.


The audit costs $2,048, one-time fee. 25% of the fee ($512) is paid upfront before the call, and the remaining 75% ($1,536) is paid after the call.

If at any point, I feel that I can’t do a satisfactory job, I will refund back all the amount you paid. No risk at all.

Here’s what you get when you book an audit.

  • Architecture Audit.
  • Code review.
  • DB schema analysis.
  • Cloud cost analysis.
  • Security and load testing.

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