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I was sitting in my car alone, furious and angry. The car was like a shark cage protecting me. I had just come out of a heated discussion with my CEO, and I felt I could no longer work there anymore. I wanted to go back into the office and say, “I quit”, and go …

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5 Common Mistakes About Note-Taking

taking notes with laptop

Taking notes is something we all do (or did). Whether you are in high school, college, or running your own business note-taking can be a vital skill to have. But what if I told you that many of the ways we take notes while in school are wrong? You would probably think “I am not …

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How was 2018

2018 to 2019

It has been more than a year since I posted here and it is already the end of 2018. So how was my year 2018? This is not a detailed overview of the year like others write. But more like a short blog post of what happened in the past 1 year and what I …

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How do you introduce yourself

handshake meeting

Whenever I meet people in conferences or meetups, I experiment with how I introduce myself. Every time I talk about myself and what I do, I make subtle changes and notice what reaction the other person gave. This isn’t something I did in the initial stages of my career. When I started (as a programmer) …

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How to give good feedback

group of people discussing

Yesterday I talked about why criticism is important in the success of any company and how to accept feedback about your work. Today I am going to write about how to give good feedback. Giving good feedback is as important as accepting it. Present a solution instead of a complaint Even if you don’t follow …

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What is the Michael Jackson Theory of Feedback

Few months back listening to one of Noah Kagan’s podcast episode, (the one where he talks about his conversation with Jonathan Coon of he mentions something called the Michael Jackson Theory of Feedback. No, this wasn’t a theory by Michael, instead is a theory based on Michael Jackson. I am paraphrasing the explanation about …

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How to Make yourself Unique at your Work

colorful balls

In any business organization, there are two types of sub-units or teams.

  • Profit Centers
  • Cost Centers

Profit Center

Profit Center is the team/department which gets the company money and thereby profits. They bring in the dough/bacon. One of the common example of a profit center is the sales department. Unless you have sales, you wouldn’t have customers and thereby no money.

Cost Center

Everything other than a profit center is a Cost center. Any team or department of a company to which various types of direct and indirect costs are charged are cost centers. It could be the Production or service departments in a factory, operations team, IT department, etc.

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Why I decided to write an article everyday

pottery wheel

In my November month challenge I had mentioned that I will be writing one article every day. Consistently writing one article every week is doable, but one per day is unbelievably hard. One of my friends had mentioned that doing such a challenge will reduce the quality of the posts. I totally agree with him. …

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