How to convert Features into Benefits

dai ke 32162 - How to convert Features into Benefits

When writing copy for a product’s homepage, one mistake I see everyone doing is they keep talking about all the features that their product has. I see a lot of websites that keep listing down the different features and how it is better than the competition. I can go to 10 websites and at least …

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3 ways your competitors will help you with your copy

j kelly brito 256889 e1581331446646 - 3 ways your competitors will help you with your copy

In yesterday’s article, I explained 6 different ideas to read your customer’s mind and use the language/words that they use. I missed one important source of your customers – your competitors. Where else can you find new customers, other than your competitors? Your competitor’s websites are an important place to understand about the product you …

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How to speak your customer’s language when writing copy

dan dimmock 323873 e1581331460974 - How to speak your customer's language when writing copy

The landing page for your product is the single most important page on your entire website and it is important that you communicate well on that page to connect with your customers. If you don’t speak your customer’s language, they are just going to close the tab and move on to the next page. Worse, …

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Website Review:

buttalks logo

Today on my twitter feed, I came across a new startup Buttalks – an underwear subscription service for men, first of its kind in India. I found it interesting for someone to venture out into a field that is so different and challenging. Curious to see what they offer, I visited their website and found it to be quite simple and straightforward.

But the minute I tried to fill up the form and hit submit, I ran into a problem. I was confused over which button to click and where to go next. So I decided to do a full design and copy critique/review of the website and share it here.

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