How to speak your customer’s language when writing copy

dan dimmock 323873 e1581331460974 - How to speak your customer's language when writing copy

The landing page for your product is the single most important page on your entire website and it is important that you communicate well on that page to connect with your customers. If you don’t speak your customer’s language, they are just going to close the tab and move on to the next page. Worse, …

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Startup Idea: Browser Extension for Gmail to show when a person might reply back

gmail response time predictor - Startup Idea: Browser Extension for Gmail to show when a person might reply back

Many companies today uses Google Suite for their Email and everyone has gotten used to the Gmail interface. One advantage of Gmail is, safe and easy programmatic access to the emails via IMAP.

The problem I am trying to solve here is you might not know when a person would respond back when you send an email. You will compose an email, hit send and wait forever. I know that Emails are Asynchronous, but it would be a nice to have an idea of when one can expect a reply.

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Understand the Logical Brain vs Emotional Brain while designing a product

logical brain and emotional brain

Whenever you design a product, there are two important things that one needs to remember to get the user experience right. How the user is going to perceive the product logically vs emotionally.

The reason I bring up these two are because how our brains have developed over the years. We have a logical part of the brain which has developed over the past 10000 years and then the emotional part of the brain which has been trained and developed over millions of years.

The Emotional part of the brain instantly detects and selects information as summaries that is potentially interesting for further analysis. Whereas the logical brain can only process at a slower rate and progressively but can give precise answers.

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