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todo list

How to improve productivity and get more things done

Have you felt proud of yourself because you could multi-task two or more things? As a programmer, I have also tried to do two tasks simultaneously. I naturally had a lot more items in my todo list and I tried to complete them all at once. I felt multitasking was the only way to improve productivity in work.

While my code is building or page is refreshing, I would quickly work on a different project or switch to a different tab on my browser to catch up on Reddit or Twitter. Or try to send an email.

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building with a glass ceiling

You can’t break the ceiling by staying in the room

Few years back, I heard a quote which made me rethink about personal growth.

You are the average of the 5 people you hangout with.

It basically means, if all your friends, colleagues, etc., are all just like you, you will always be at the same level. If they are all earning the same amount of money, having similar ideas, read the same books, etc., you will be stuck there. And by staying at the same level, you are only losing out on all the opportunities in life.

Unless you hangout with someone above your level, you won’t know how life up there is like. Unless you have spent time with a millionaire, you won’t know what their life is like. If you are already a millionaire, spend time with other billionaires.

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cold lake e1581331546283 - Monthly Challenge - Daily Cold Shower

Monthly Challenge – Daily Cold Shower

One of my favourite podcast in recent times is Noah Kagen Presents and I have been devouring each episode back-to-back. One interesting thing that Noah does is a weekly challenge. He or his guests come up with a challenge for the listeners to complete. Some of the challenges are deleting ONE app from your mobile, waking up at 5am, asking for 10% off when you get your coffee, etc. Sounds simple, but very, very hard to do.

I decided to take up such a challenge, except to do it for a month. And the challenge I took up for september is to have only a cold shower everyday. I know it sounds easy, but I love a nice hot shower. I usually have the hottest setting than normal people.

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ladybug beetle insect lucky charm e1581331559300 - Which is important? Fixing Bugs or Adding Features

Which is important? Fixing Bugs or Adding Features

Lets say you are building a Social Media marketing automation product, where you allow the users to schedule multiple posts to different social media platforms. For your first release, you plan to have only Twitter as the only platform. You release it and people love your product.There are a few bugs. Sometimes the posts aren’t saved to the DB and get lost. Other times the posts aren’t tweeted at the right time it was scheduled for. These are minor annoyances, but your early adopters don’t care about them.

Question: You have a week of your developer’s time after which he goes off for a long vacation, what would you do?

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servers e1581331597716 - DevOpsDays India 2017 Conference Notes

DevOpsDays India 2017 Conference Notes

DevOpsDays is a technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. Topics often include automation, testing, security, and organizational culture.

It is a place where people and companies come together and share their experiences on how they handled different challenges related to DevOps.

This is my first time attending DevOpsDays India conference and I took lot of notes. Here are the digitized version of my notes of the different talks as I have written down/remember them.

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Issue Tracker and Budget

Everyone has numerous reasons NOT to use an issue tracker. Few reasons that the old style management people say are:


We already use Excel or Google spreadsheets to track the issues. We put individual issues in each row of the excel sheet and the person who is responsible for it.

You could try sending out excel sheets through email and ask everyone to update the sheet end of date, but who will handle the conflicts? Or you could use Google sheets to allow everyone to edit it together. Even then, conflicts are possible.

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rejection gladiator thumbs down


Few months back there was a lot of activity on twitter and medium about conference proposals and how so many people had to face lot more rejections than acceptances. My experience is totally the opposite.I have a 100% acceptance rate for my conference proposals.

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100 Days of Code Challenge

Update: All the individual day’s posts have been collected into this single post. All previous posts have been removed to reduce clutter on this site.

Few weeks back I was introduced to a coding challenge called #100DaysOfCode. All you have to do is work on some piece of coding project which is not your work project everyday for 100 days. Though I liked the idea I didn’t commit to taking up the challenge. I thought I could start working on a side project or an open source project whenever I wanted to.

But deep down I knew it was not true. Saying “I can work on a side project whenever I want to” is just like me saying to myself “I can lose weight whenever I want to”. It will never get done unless you start it. Remember the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is today.

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